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Glass Figurine & Sculpture

Product Description

Art glass crafts

This collection is composed of a wide array of handmade glass animals and blown glass art figurines including glass and crystal fishes, animals, insects and many more collectible figurines and sculptures

Murano Decorative Art Sculptures Funny Sea Creature Figurines Hand Blown Glass Clown Fish

Material: Crystal Lampwork Glass

Size: 61x36x36mm

Color: Orange/white/black

Technique: Hand blown


1) Sea life fish figurine is made from non-toxic and ECO-friendly color crystal lampwrok glass.

2) Fish color is the primary color of glass, not died, will not fade for ever.

3) This glass fish figurines are handmade out by skilled workers at 1600 degrees high temperature fire lamp.

4) Fish is polished, smooth, not thorny, safety.

5) Because glass is fragile, please take them lightly and gently. Not to play for children under 13 ages.



1)  These fancy cute glass sea animal figurines are perfected for DIY micro landscape container Aquarium fish Tank and wall mounted vase decoration accessories.

2) These small glass figurines is not only home decoration, more is a work of art, very suitable for collection and as a popular luxury idea gifts great for your families and friends in Holiday birthday party wedding gifts or business presents.



1) This glass figurine dimensions listed is approximate, each piece will have slight variations in size, shape and color because of hand-made.

2) You can offer us your actual samples, designs, drawings and ideas for your customizing.

Our factory specializes in all kinds of handmade glass crafts including glass figurines, jewelry beads charms pendants, smoking pipes, toy marbles, and so on.




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