Glass Dip Pen


Glass Dip Pen Glass Dip Pen
Glass Dip Pen Glass Dip Pen
Glass Dip Pen Glass Dip Pen
Glass Dip Pen Glass Dip Pen
Glass Dip Pen Glass Dip Pen
Glass Dip Pen Glass Dip Pen

Glass Dip Pen

Product Description

Handmade Glass Pen Murano Crystal Writing Calligraphy Dipping Signature Straight Nib Tip Dip Pen for Classmate Graduation Gift




Material: Crystal Lampwork Glass 


1) Whole length of dip pen is 7.48" (19cm).


2) Length of crystal nib/tip is 1.26"(3.2cm). Nib diameter is 0.27" (0.7cm).


3) Penholder length is 6.22" (15.8cm), Diameter in the widest part is 0.63" (1.6cm), 

    Diameter in the narrowest part is 0.19" (0.5cm).


Color: Opaque Blue/Purple/Opaque Green/Topaz/Opaque Sky Blue/Orange/Aqua/Grass Green/Cobalt/Red



1) The whole body of glass dip pen s made up of the colorful crystal high borosilicate glass with heat-resistant and water-resistant function. Acid for A Level,Alkali-resistant

A-Class. It is very durable and strong resistance.

 2) All the glass dip pens are handled in annealing furnace.

 3) All the tips/nibs of glass pens are polished by hands, they are very smooth and will not break the paper.

4) Straight Nib/tip holds lots of ink. straight thread design can increase the adsorption of ink to extend the writting time, it can hold a surprising amount of ink for a short paragraph about 60 to 80 words with each dip, make writing full of art.

5) The color of glass dip pen is the original color of the glass, which will never fade.

 6) Excellebt durable: glass dip pen with vintage,simple,unique and exquisite style. Retain the original classic pen tip design and the ink evenly.

7) Each pen is approximately 7 inches long and fits comfortably in the hand except for small dip pen.

 8) Easy to Clean: glass pen nib/tip can be easily cleaned after use with clear water and/or chemicals and as a paper towle. then you can quickly switch between different ink colors without having to refill amount ink.

 9) Easy to use and carry: they are new and packed in gift box with a free pen-rack.



1) The glass tip of the pen is perfect for testing various ink colors or writing short essays, or signature or on your office desktop decoration or calligraphy or practising hand writing.


2) It is not only a pen, more is a work of art, very suitable for collection and as a popular luxury idea gifts for your families and friends in Holiday birthday party wedding gifts or business presents.


1) The pen dimensions listed are approximate and each piece will have slight variations in width and length.

 2) Bubbles and line marks within the glass are a natural part of the manufacturing process, are not indicative of a fault.

 3) All the product pictures are taken in kin.

 4) Because the pen is glass and therefore breakable, we don't recommend this for young children under the age of 13.

 5) Because glass is fragile, please handle with care.

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